Heel Talk with Tasha B.

I have enjoyed a series of Heel Talk experiences within the past two years, that have inspired me to chase my own visions. Founded by Tasha B., Heel Talk is more than dance. It’s about women inspiring each other to be the best version of themselves, in heels of course!

I have attended the Ladies Night Out event, Heel Talk Connection and Private Dance session. At Ladies Night Out I was free and unapologetically embracing my feminine side. At Heel Talk Connection, I networked with a purpose in a room of ambitious women from all walks of life. When I took my first private dance session, I accepted my weaknesses and became best friends with my flaws.

As women, we go through so many emotional transitions in our life and having a space like Heel Talk for women is a reminder of how powerful we are when we uplift each other. In this episode, we talked about staying spiritually connected, personal goals, and her journey with Heel Talk LLC.

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Photo credit: Nikon Don Harris