Striking poses with José Gutierrez-Xtravaganza

It was a fun Saturday night at Rhythma Movement Arts Studios, learning in an intimate space of good energy, growth and laughter trying to mirror intricate movements from José Gutierrez, Father of the House of Xtravaganza who is one of the pioneers of the Vogue movement.

In his Vogue workshop “no one is was left behind in my class” he said. It didn’t feel like we were in a studio learning a typical eight count, but more like learning with family or friends in socks on the living room floor. We all walked away learning something special about ourselves that we will carry into our personal life journey.

The next day I got to catch up with José and his friend Isabella, who curated the workshop in Atlanta. We talked about the history of Vogue, overcoming adversity and sharing his life experiences to inspire the next generation.

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Photography credit: Johnny Rozsa