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Opening doors with Anthony Burrell

On October 28th I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon gaining knowledge from the 3 Kings Master Series discussion panel at Anthony Burrell Center for Dance.There was so much love in the room and even though it was my first time being at the studio, it felt like home.

The students and parents who attended the 3-day session were so attentive to every piece of advice shared by Mr. Burrell, Lorraine Fields, Frank Gatson, and Chris Grant. They were eager to ask informative questions and concerns about taking their career to the next level.

Burrell expressed at the discussion panel, “I am here for you guys, as a friend and confidant.” He literally opened the doors and I had a humbling experience catching up with him to discuss what sparked to open his own company, dance education and the importance of being vain as a dancer to become comfortable in their own skin.

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photography credit: Conrad Captures