Original House Playlist by DJ UFOH

House Music started in south side Chicago in 1977, when Pioneer Frankie Knuckles opened a club called The Warehouse. Knuckles would mix old disco classics and new Eurobeat pop.

House was the first direct descendant of Disco. House was designed to make people dance as it was “rawer” & “deeper” than Disco. European music like English electric pop groups Depeche, Mode, Soft Cell, Giorgio Moroder, And Klein inspired House music as well. House music with its few leading venues in Chicago and New York was breaking the barriers of race & sexuality as the music had intended - it was mostly targeted at the gay community.

House music was created in and by the African American community and developed in the U.S. out of the need of oppressed people (blacks, Latinos and gays) to build community through dance. Later in the U.K. This same development happened to build an alternative community of music and dance via ‘Acid House’

Written by DJ UFOH



Music section highlighting innovative sounds from Cameo, Loose Ends Soul II Soul, Patrice Rushen and many more!

This is a special playlist for all the single and committed lovers around the world. Take this music by the hand, dance and explore the vibrations of loves roller coaster.




New Jack Swing blazed the dancer floors between 1987- 1991 and carried over into the mid 90's. The innovative sound was produced by musician Teddy Riley and its name was given by Barry Michael Cooper. Riley created a new groove by mixing R&B and Rap, he describes as "sophisticated bubblegum music" with its radio-friendly vibe.

He influenced a new sound for artists such as Doug E. Fresh "The Show", Keith Sweat "I Want Her", Bobby Brown "My Prerogative", Guy "Groove Me, Wreckx -N-Effect "New Jack Swing" and his most notable work on Michael Jackson's ' Dangerous' album.

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Funk music was the life of the party in the 1970's with its creative mix of rhythm and blues, Jazz, soul and complex grooves to the downbeat aka "The one", the first beat of a measure in music. The sound was pioneered by James Brown and influenced his fellow peers, Sly & the Family Stone, Parliament, Kool & the Gang, Earth, Wind & Fire and more.

It was a celebration of being black during a time of self-discovery, adversity, and social change. This genre of music also influenced the evolution of Hip Hop and many dance grooves sampled by your favorite artist today.


Artwork by: Kylah Benes-Trapp