Ep.5 Gisella Ferreira | Living Samba Soul


It was a breath of fresh air spending the week with my good friend Gisella Ferreira in Venice, La where she teaches Samba, Zumba and directs her own Samba Soul Dance Company! Every night in class was a release and rebirth of self-expression into becoming the woman I want to be. The best part of this experience was connecting with the women of Samba Soul, who come from all journeys of life to dance Samba as a way of healing. Pure positive vibes, smiling faces, and sweat dripping down the arch of our backs. Gisella gave us unity, power, and knowledge of her Brazilian culture by teaching us the meaning of Samba music and movement. 

In our sit down Gisella expresses her love for Samba, turning failure into lessons and her experience at Rio Carnival! Check it out!





Ep.4 QUEEN MOVES speaks on The Female Narrative

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Before I departed New York, I had the pleasure of catching up with the founders of Queen Moves Guerdley & Brat at Peridance Capezio Center. Since our encounter at The Galen Hooks Method NYC  Intensive back 2017, we stayed connected and I've enjoyed watching them flourish through their commitment to friendship, dancehall culture and women empowerment with Queen Moves.

These two women are the most down to earth human beings you'll ever meet! You will learn how they met, what inspired Queen Moves and how they are uplifting women in their community through dance. Take a listen :-)


Ep.3 Omari Mizrahi | African Movement and Musicality


Since I have been in New York, Omari Mizrahi's class has become a place of growth, challenge and spiritual healing from taking his Vogue Femme, Afrobeats and West African Classes weekly. His vocabulary in dance is stemmed from his African background in Senegalese and Mali. In every session, Omari breaks down the movements, history, and musicality that the style of dance comes from to help students become the best version of themselves. 

In our conversation, we talked about the importance of African dance influence and breaking students  from relying on hitting the "crash" to help train their ears in hearing the music. You can also find out details about his upcoming events and classes! Check it out!

Ep. 2 Jessica Castro | Giving back with Lipstick Diaries NYC


Jessica Castro's Absolute Beginner Heels Class at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater was magical! We uncovered our power, confidence and sass in heels! Castro helped us understand how to find our center, classic lines, walks and ended class with some sexy choreography to "Darling Nikki" by Prince. 

After class, Jessica Castro and I talked about her part in giving back to the dance community, women empowerment and why she created Lipstick Diaries NYC   produced by women and taught by women. This transformative conversation will inspire you! Enjoy!

Ep.1 Buddha Stretch | WHAT IS FOUNDATION?


I was excited to take a class from  Hip-Hop pioneer Buddha Stretch at Broadway Dance Center's Hip- Hop Foundation Series! In his two-part session, we learned Hip-Hop foundation, transitions and technique!

After class, I asked him about the importance of foundation and how to build your own style as a dancer. Check out his feedback and take note!




Buddha Stretch

Choreography Reel 

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