Leslie Andrea Williams

It is her zealous approach to life that has given Leslie the opportunity to experience what the world has to offer. With experience as a Juilliard graduate and Martha Graham Dance Company performer, Leslie is aligning into spaces that will take her career to new heights.

We had the pleasure of catching up at Washington Square Park in New York City and talked about our favorite wines, her role in Martha Graham's 'Diversions of Angels' ballet piece and what fuels her inner radiance.

Photography source: Martha Graham Dance Company

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is an intelligent, beautiful and vibrant soul moving to her own rhythm in the commercial industry. Her magical and enchanting spirit will gift you with wisdom that is rare to find.

We talked about her voyage from Jersey to LA, protective hairstyles between jobs and her ingredients to living a peaceful life.

Photography credit:Packrat

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is paving the way way for young Bboys & Bgirls all over the world by teaching the foundation, history and styles of traditional Bboying to identify its essential elements and learning its relationship to dance culture.

I got to catch up with him before he departed to Ghana to teach dance for the summer.We talked about his BBoy influences, how his crew Oakland Originalz was created and what sparked his viral James Brown air split!

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Striking poses with José Gutierrez-Xtravaganza

It was a fun Saturday night at Rhythma Movement Arts Studios, learning in an intimate space of good energy, growth and laughter trying to mirror intricate movements from José Gutierrez, Father of the House of Xtravaganza who is one of the pioneers of the Vogue movement.

In his Vogue workshop “no one is was left behind in my class” he said. It didn’t feel like we were in a studio learning a typical eight count, but more like learning with family or friends in socks on the living room floor. We all walked away learning something special about ourselves that we will carry into our personal life journey.

The next day I got to catch up with José and his friend Isabella, who curated the workshop in Atlanta. We talked about the history of Vogue, overcoming adversity and sharing his life experiences to inspire the next generation.

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Photography credit: Johnny Rozsa

Anthony Burrell.jpg

Opening doors with Anthony Burrell

On October 28th I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon gaining knowledge from the 3 Kings Master Series discussion panel at Anthony Burrell Center for Dance.There was so much love in the room and even though it was my first time being at the studio, it felt like home.

The students and parents who attended the 3-day session were so attentive to every piece of advice shared by Mr. Burrell, Lorraine Fields, Frank Gatson, and Chris Grant. They were eager to ask informative questions and concerns about taking their career to the next level.

Burrell expressed at the discussion panel, “I am here for you guys, as a friend and confidant.” He literally opened the doors and I had a humbling experience catching up with him to discuss what sparked to open his own company, dance education and the importance of being vain as a dancer to become comfortable in their own skin.

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photography credit: Conrad Captures


Heel Talk with Tasha B.

I have enjoyed a series of Heel Talk experiences within the past two years, that have inspired me to chase my own visions. Founded by Tasha B., Heel Talk is more than dance. It’s about women inspiring each other to be the best version of themselves, in heels of course!

I have attended the Ladies Night Out event, Heel Talk Connection and Private Dance session. At Ladies Night Out I was free and unapologetically embracing my feminine side. At Heel Talk Connection, I networked with a purpose in a room of ambitious women from all walks of life. When I took my first private dance session, I accepted my weaknesses and became best friends with my flaws.

As women, we go through so many emotional transitions in our life and having a space like Heel Talk for women is a reminder of how powerful we are when we uplift each other. In this episode, we talked about staying spiritually connected, personal goals, and her journey with Heel Talk LLC.

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Photo credit: Nikon Don Harris


Samba Soul with Gisella

It was a breath of fresh air spending the week with my good friend Gisella Ferreira in Venice, La where she teaches Samba, Zumba and directs her own Samba Soul Dance Company! Every night in class was a release and rebirth of self-expression into becoming the woman I want to be. The best part of this experience was connecting with the women of Samba Soul, who come from all journeys of life to dance Samba as a way of healing.

Pure positive vibes, smiling faces, and sweat dripping down the arch of our backs. Gisella gave us unity, power, and knowledge of her Brazilian culture by teaching us the meaning of Samba music and movement.

In our sit down Gisella expresses her love for Samba, turning failure into lessons and her experience at Rio Carnival!

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Photo credit: Pikalindo





Queen Moves with Guerdly & Brat

Before I departed New York, I had the pleasure of catching up with the founders of Queen Moves Guerdley & Brat at Peridance Capezio Center. Since our encounter at The Galen Hooks Method NYC Intensive back 2017, we stayed connected and I've enjoyed watching them flourish through their commitment to friendship, dancehall culture and women empowerment with Queen Moves.

These two women are the most down to earth human beings you'll ever meet! You will learn how they met, what inspired Queen Moves and how they are uplifting women in their community through dance.

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Photo credit: Joey Rosado


African Movement with Omari Mizrahi

Since I have been in New York, Omari Mizrahi's class has become a place of growth, challenge and spiritual healing from taking his Vogue Femme, Afrobeats and West African Classes weekly. His vocabulary in dance is stemmed from his African background in Senegalese and Mali. In every session, Omari breaks down the movements, history, and musicality that the style of dance comes from to help students become the best version of themselves.

In our conversation, we talked about the importance of African dance influence and breaking students from relying on hitting the "crash" to help train their ears in hearing the music. You can also find out details about his upcoming events and classes!

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Photo credit: Christopher Duggan


Lipstick Diaries with Jessica Castro

Jessica Castro's Absolute Beginner Heels Class at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater was magical! We uncovered our power, confidence and sass in heels! Castro helped us understand how to find our center, classic lines, walks and ended class with some sexy choreography to "Darling Nikki" by Prince.

After class, Jessica Castro and I talked about her part in giving back to the dance community, women empowerment and why she created Lipstick Diaries NYC produced by women and taught by women.

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Photo credit: Julien Benhamou